Software Update Fix – OnePlus 5 ‘911 reboot’ issue

Over the last few days, a small but growing number of OnePlus 5 users have claimed that upon dialing ‘911’ or ‘999’ — numbers designated for emergency services in the U.S. and UK, respectively — their phones have rebooted prior to the call going through.

On Reddit, many people have speculated that it is a problem with the phone’s ability to find a reliable GPS signal, which is a necessary part of getting a phone certified for making emergency calls.

Based on the information provided, Canadian OnePlus 5 users don’t seem to be affected — attempts to dial 911 go through every time. At the same time, not every American user has reported failure, either: some calls appear to go through the first time, while others take a few tries and eventually connect to the operator.

Of course, we don’t recommend testing out this particular bug without first informing your emergency department that you’re doing so.

A Facebook user provided video evidence of the problem after failing to connect to emergency services to report a building fire, which prompted a spokesperson for OnePlus to release this statement:

While this is certainly a troubling issue, it is not completely unique to the OnePlus 5. Certain phones — even Nexus phones for a time — reportedly had issues connecting with emergency services, but the feature was quickly restored through a software update.

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