A Big question – When Will Nintendo give Android users will have taste of ‘Super Mario Run’? Arrive On Android? Please Hurry!

Since the Super Mario Run has been launched for iOS devices – Iphone and Ipad, on Dec. 15, android users are eagerly waiting for the same to be launched for Google’s mobile operating devices too.

“Super Mario duplicates for Android hitting the market”

However, in the absence of an original “Super Mario Run” for Android, its clones can be easily found in Google Play Store. In order to earn cash, developer are using Super Mario name and create its duplicate and even promise them that its original game. But, users must not download such cloned games as they can have malware too which can install viruses too in your android mobile devices.

The official android version of Super Mario Run is not yet in the market and may be the company Nintendo is not planning to launch its android version in nearest future as Nintendo share value has already gone down in the release of Super Mario Run for iOS devices