Identifier and primitive datatype in java

In this example you will learn what is identifier and primitive data types of a identifier. This tutorials will teach you how to use these identifier in you  java programming. Identifier is is a simple variable name which is defined as the value container. The type of value stored by identifier is defined by the special java keyword is termed as primitive data type.

In the given example there are some identifiers have been used like byteident, shortident, intident, longident, charident, stringident, floatident, doubleident. And there are some primitive data types of used identifiers have been also used in the program like byte, short, int, long, float, double, char and String. 

All the data type has it’s own capacity to keep the maximum value. Which have been mentioned below :

Primitive Data Types
Keyword Description Size/Format
byte Byte-length integer 8-bit two’s complement
short Short integer 16-bit two’s complement
int Integer 32-bit two’s complement
long Long integer 64-bit two’s complement
Real numbers
float Single-precision floating point 32-bit IEEE 754
double Double-precision floating point 64-bit IEEE 754
Other types
char A single character 16-bit Unicode character
boolean A boolean value (true or false) true or false

Code of the Program :

public class identifierandpdatatype{
  public static void main(String[] args){
  byte byteident = 3;
  short shortident=100;
  int intident = 10;
  long longident = 40000;
  char charident = 'a';
  String stringident = "chandan";
  float floatident = 12.0045f;
  double doubleident = 2333333.000000000033343343434f;
  System.out.println(byteident + " is the value of identifire 

named 'byteident' 

which primitive data type is byte.");
  System.out.println(shortident + " is the value of 

identifire named 'shortident' 

which primitive data type is short.");
  System.out.println(intident + " is the value 

of identifire named 'intident' 

which primitive data type is int.");
  System.out.println(longident + " is the value 

of identifire named 'longident' 

which primitive data type is long.");
  System.out.println(charident + " is the value 

of identifire named 'charident' 

which primitive data type is char.");
  System.out.println(stringident + " is the value

 of identifire named 'stringident' 

which primitive data type is string.");
  System.out.println(floatident + " is the value 

of identifire named 'floatident' 

which primitive data type is float.");
  System.out.println(doubleident + " is the value

 of identifire named 'doubleident' 

which primitive data type is double.");

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