The Realistic FPS Prefab is an easy way to implement the core features of first person and third person games into your Unity projects with a few mouse clicks. Set up is quick and just requires dragging and dropping the main prefab object into your scene.

The asset has been designed with a focus on keeping scripts customizable from the inspector and ensuring that gameplay is smooth and responsive. The Realistic FPS Prefab is a great learning tool and template for FPS games!


What are the main features of the Realistic FPS Prefab?

-Rigidbody based character controller for smooth, physics-based interactions with the game world. Features like swimming, climbing surfaces, and moving platforms are all included.

-Extensive weapon customization with options for ranged weapons, shotguns, melee weapons, grenades, and bows and arrows. Ammo and weapon pickups are included for all weapons.

-Weapon actions, such as offhand throwing of grenades, secondary melee attacks for ranged weapons, free/deadzone aiming, and blocking with melee weapons.