Unlimited 4G LTE on $75 in MetroPCS

MetroPCS isn’t seriously considered by many because of its reputation as a second-tier, prepaid carrier, but it’s now offering some pretty enticing deals on its unlimited plans. Two lines with unlimited LTE for $75 is a pretty good deal, and the T-Mobile subsidiary has decent pricing on other plans as well.
The headline offer here is obviously the two unlimited lines for $75 with taxes and fees included. That’s $15 more than T-Mobile’s brand new ONE Unlimited 55+ plan, but you don’t have to be over 55 years of age for this. Plus, two lines of unlimited LTE on T-Mo without the 55+ discount is $100, a marked increase over Metro’s $75. The first line is $50, and you can get up to an additional 4 lines at $25 a pop. To entice you, Metro is including an up to $100 instant rebate for every line you switch for up to 5 lines (though this doesn’t count for T-Mobile customers, because internal competition is bad).

Of course, there are a few caveats. Video streams at 480p by default, but that can be disabled (it’s completely unnecessary since you have unlimited LTE anyway) for an additional $10. People who use over 32GB per month “may notice reduced speeds.” And lastly, tethering isn’t included, but you can add 8GB of LTE hotspot data to the entire plan for an additional $10. So as long as you can live without extras like JUMP! On Demand or T-Mobile Tuesdays, this is a pretty good deal.