Qualcomm insults Apple with a rundown of Android firsts

Apple’s iPhone occasion is the thing that everybody is anticipating today, however Qualcomm is set to rain on the Cupertino’s organization parade. It discharged a rundown of Android firsts endeavoring to infer that Apple is playing discover up instead of driving the market of late.

Qualcomm brags about establishing the framework for “such a large number of advances and encounters we esteem in our cell phones today”. It says the Gigabit LTE, accessible in all Snapdragon 835 gadgets. In spite of the fact that the chipset organization recorded specimen gadgets (not to be mistaken for pioneers or firsts), we are almost certain the Galaxy S8 still does not have a double camera on its back.

The organization records a lot of makers that it has worked nearly. Names like Google, Samsung, LG, HTC, and Motorola are incorporated, even vivo and Oppo are said as “two of the main five cell phone organizations on the planet”.

The public statement closes with expressing that accomplices bringing next flood of class-driving Android gadgets will “keep on paving the route for others to come”. The entire message obviously is gone for Apple.

This announcement is a heavy stone being thrown in the never-ending war of Android vs. iOS. Stay tuned for the latest episode later tonight!