The present XKCD comic impeccably aggregates up Android’s volume issue

As I’m certain a large number of you know, Android has three unmistakable “volumes” – one for media, one for the ringer, and one for alerts. Every ha its own particular volume level, yet unless you’re playing media, altering the volume just changes the ringer – prompting the issue XKCD nailed in the present comic.

In the event that you live under a stone, XKCD is an online funny cartoon celebrated for portraying relatable situations. For pretty much every circumstance you can envision, particularly tech-related ones, there is quite often a significant XKCD strip.

The present strip splendidly aggregates up the issue with Android exchanging amongst ringer and media volume. Attempting to cut back the volume before a video transforms into a repetitive experience, and in case you’re past the point of no return, you’re frequently met with speaker-impacting sound. You can locate the first comic at the source interface underneath, and on the off chance that you see somebody whining about Android’s volume exchanging, you comprehend what to send them.