The Power of Android O

Android O is hot off the production line, and app developers are scrabbling to learn the powerful new capabilities. Even if you’re not a developer yet, you can get straight to the front line of app building through The Android O & Java Developer Mastery Course.

The latest operating system for Android was only fully released in the last month or two, so it’s a great time to get on the app gravy-train. This learning kit is a hands-on guide to developing Android O apps, ready for peddling on the Play Store. It’s led by Fahd Sheraz – an expert in Android programming with 22 years of programming experience under his belt. You’re in very good hands.

As a fundamental part of app development, you’ll acquire a strong understanding of Java, one of the most widely used programming languages out there. Across the 31 hours of expert content you’ll build clones of apps like Flappy Bird and YouTube, which give you a great base for doing your own thing afterwards. And as you might have guessed, no prior knowledge is required.

We’re popping this in your deal dog-bowl today because we got word of a massive discount. There’s a 92% reduction on the price of this course for the next few days, so you can sign up right now for just $15.

If you do take advantage, your access doesn’t end when the offer does. If you pick it up now then you’ve got the materials for life, so you can master app building at your leisure.