In Oreo Build Number Format is Change : Google

The organization of Android fabricate numbers has been the same for quite a long time, yet it’s changing in Android 8.0. The principal non-see adaptation of Oreo simply took off with the new organization, which is a major takeoff. Instead of being three letters took after by three different characters, it’s part into three pieces of numbers and letters isolated by periods. It looks confounding at in the first place, however you really get more data from it.

Fabricate numbers for Oreo and later will have the accompanying configuration.

The P variable is the principal letter of the stage discharge, so it’s “O” for Oreo at present. The V is for the vertical, which in every one of the constructs you’re stressed over will be “P” for essential stage branch. The BB characters speak to an alphanumeric code that focuses to the correct code branch utilized as a part of the assemble. For the main Oreo discharge on the Pixel, this is “R6.”

You can presumably speculate the motivation behind the middle YYMMDD piece just from the configuration. It’s the date (year, month, day) when the discharge was stretched or synchronized with the advancement branch. This may not really be the assemble date as it’s regular to reuse a similar code for numerous forms without backpedaling to the dev branch. The “bbb” set of characters is basically a number that separates between various forms with a similar date code. The Pixel is on 012 right at this point.

In this way, the Pixel’s assemble number “OPR6.170623.012” implies that it’s Android Oreo for the essential stage branch from code branch R6. It was matched up from the dev branch on June 23, 2017, and this is the twelfth form with those factors. Simple, isn’t that so?